Episode 08 : Am I A Hater?

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Episode 08 of my new podcast called LANEY LUVS TO TALK (available on all podcasting platforms).

In this episode of Laney Luvs to Talk, I ask the question ‘Am I a hater?’. 

Sometimes I think I’m going to be the friend that is left behind because I’m not keeping up. In this episode of Laney Luvs to Talk, I waiver between wanting to drop out of business all together to striving towards wealthy spinsterhood. I also talk briefly about Texas’ new law on what happens inside a woman’s uterus and the chaos that might ensue. So come along for the ride!

Music by: ANtarcticbreeze – Life is Fine

Discussion from the Podcast

Does social media ignite doubt in you or your friendships? Share some of your thoughts in the comments below.

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