Episode 07: Weaponized Incompetence – a Working Strategy

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Episode 07 of my new podcast called LANEY LUVS TO TALK (available on all podcasting platforms).

In this episode of Laney Luvs to Talk, I speak from my chest about ‘Weaponized Incompetence – a working strategy’. 

GWORLLLLLL let me tell you, the tea is hot this week! It’s story-time on this episode of Laney Luvs to Talk where I share the tale of my brief, yet informative, stint at working for a cannabis focused digital company. 

Why was I the only woman there? And why was weaponized incompetence (a.k.a. strategic incompetence) the defacto method for getting things done?

I get into this hot topic of the week that is the world of strategic incompetence. Using some of Wildlin Pierrevil and Lyle Skrains thoughts as points of discussion, I encourage you to join in the conversation of the moment.

Music by: ANtarcticbreeze – Life is Fine

Some source material for the podcast:

Wildlin Pierrevil’s tiktok: https://bit.ly/3COHfqi

Lyke Skrains aritcle: https://lskains.medium.com/were-complicit-in-incompetent-men-s-success-ab76910229c1

What hat has been your experience with strategic incompetence at work? Share some of your thoughts in the comments below.

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