Episode 05: Our Kind of Network

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Episode 05 of my new podcast called LANEY LUVS TO TALK (available on all podcasting platforms).

When it comes to networking, not going to lie — I’m total trash at it. I didn’t grow up in a church or cultural club environment, so I didn’t see the point of connecting with others to get what I needed. In this episode ‘Our Kind of Network‘, I talk about books that inspired thoughts on networking and the importance of safe spaces for communities of color. How safety and connection have been in hands of the privileged for years, it hasn’t been the case for many in the black community. I touch on policies, classism, and other factors that come into play when you want to rise in your business. 

Music by: ANtarcticbreeze – Life is Fine

Are you a networking talent? Share some of your tricks and tips in the comments below.

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