LLL Daily Vlog #45

A Chill Sunday In The Life – Admin Edition

LuvLaneyLuv Daily Vlog #45

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LuvLaneyLuv Daily Vlog #45

I spent most of the day renewing SSL certificates for all my sites. I have to do it every quarter but it’s worth it in the end because it saves me a bucket load of money every year.

I stayed in and ate multiple brunches because it was raining outside. I took a break and watched ‘ The Harder They Fall’ which was awesome.

Then I ended the night with the weekly reset (and editing this vlog of course!).

List of music used in video:

♫ Ponte de Abril by Steve Adams – https://youtu.be/BffWNLKg5zY

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See you tomorrow Luvlies!

xoxo Luv Laney Luv

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