Episode 03: Neg or Negotiate?

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Episode 03 of my new podcast called LANEY LUVS TO TALK (available on all podcasting platforms).

Have you ever read a contract and thought ‘…Say what now?! This can’t be real.’ Well gworl, we need to talk cuz I have a tale for you. In this week’s episode: Neg or Negotiate?, I break down some basics with contract law, specifically employment contracts and what to ask for during negotiations. I chat about what a healthy contract looks like, some No-Nos to never say yes to, and when to hire a professional to do the gritty work.

Check out the American Bar Association’s site for statistics on diversity in US Law.

Music by: ANtarcticbreeze – Life is Fine

Have been shocked by what you’re being offered for work? Share a time when your potential client/employer blatantly tried to overstep employment boundaries.

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